massage2Remedial massage is a helpful therapy to support and speed up the body's own repair systems. It involves using controlled pressure on deep muscle tissue to alleviate tightness and pain, therefore improving joint mobility and enhance flexibility. It also increases circulation, removes toxins, and facilitate in recovery after injury.

Relaxation is another important benefit as during a massage the body releases endorphins, the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that produce feelings of wellbeing and calm. For this reason, remedial massage is also a safe and effective treatment for conditions such as anxiety, depression & stress.

Remedial massage treats specific and systemic pain by manipulating deep muscle fibers to improve circulation and restore damaged tissues to health. Every part of your musculoskeletal system connects directly or indirectly to the whole body. In addition to sports and physical injuries, remedial massage is also perfect for ongoing physical complaints like lower back pain, tension headaches, and neck pain. This is achieved by flushing lactic acid and uric acid that builds up in the muscles leading to pain and discomfort. Once the muscle releases these metabolic wastes it can be free of the pain caused from the buildup.

Massage can work in conjunction with manual medicine such as Osteopathy. It can also be part of a greater wellness program focused on overall health.