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Dr Casey Beaumont - Osteopath

B.Hlth.Sc., B.App.Sc.(Comp.Med.), M.Ost.
Osteopathy Australia Member

Casey has been practicing as an Osteopath both in Victoria and SA since graduating in 2011 from RMIT University with her Master of Osteopathy. Prior to this completed a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Physiology, Pathology and Neuroscience.

Casey brings with her the unique expertise that comes from being a high-performance athlete, playing basketball at State and District levels in SA and Victoria. Aside from basketball, Casey is a keen skier, and enjoys cycling and Olympic weight lifting. Like any athlete Casey has seen her share of injuries and rehabilitated them. As a result of this, Casey has a special interest in biomechanics and treating sportspeople, from elite athletes to the weekend warrior.

Casey is a strong believer in using a holistic approach in helping you to find your own balance of mind, body and spirit in order to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. As a result of this, Casey offers individually tailored treatments, rehabilitation and advice to achieve and maintain health and wellbeing for each and every person..

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Tyler Burrowes

Dr Tyler Burrowes - Osteopath

B.Clin.Sc. M.Osteo
Osteopathy Australia Member

Tyler graduated from Southern Cross University in 2016 after completing a Bachelor in Clinical Science and Master of Osteopathic Medicine. He uses a wide variety of techniques and has a special interest in treatment of the cervical spine and the jaw.

Tyler has a strong belief in enhancing motion in all aspects of life and treating compensation patterns which often lead to exacerbating dysfunction in the body. He also recognises the importance of occupational and ergonomic factors in one's health and sees his role as an Osteopath stretching beyond the treatment room to help achieve a healthy, well balanced life.

After growing up in Adelaide prior to his studies, Tyler is excited to be back home to enjoy long-distance running, playing tennis and spending time with family and friends.

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